iSON Technologies, India Spreads Awareness on Menstrual Health On

iSON believes in spreading the message of corporate social responsibility by leveraging different channels and platforms time to time. On occasion of International Women’s Day; iSON Technologies took a step towards creating awareness on menstrual health, inspired by the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu, India and winner of 2009 India’s National Innovation award for his contributions towards grass root technological innovations. The lack of access to hygienic products is one part but tackling the misconceptions around menstruation is perhaps more challenging, even today and many a times considered a taboo. To this date the cultural and social influences appear to be a hurdle for advancement of knowledge on the subject. To combat the myth on the subject we visited Chikitsa, a government dispensary in Gurgaon, India headed by Col. Malik and distributed sanitary towels signifying adoption to hygienic practices during menstruation . The initiative was well appreciated by the staff.